Prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections during the period of seasonal rise in morbidity

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In the article, the author provides data on the features of the course of the new COVID-19 infection and its relationship with the course of various acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI). Emphasis is placed on the need for timely prevention of ARVI in connection with the proven fact that a previous illness with influenza or ARVI can significantly increase the risk of developing COVID-19. It has been shown that at present, specific prophylaxis is carried out only for influenza, while it does not always allow achieving good results, and in relation to other viruses (adenoviruses, parainfluenza viruses, rhinoviruses, etc.) it is not carried out at all. In this regard, it is of particular importance to carry out the so-called non-specific prophylaxis. As the latter, it is proposed to use homeopathic medicines with proven efficacy. One of them is Oscillococcinum. The data of experimental and clinical justification (randomized placebo-controlled trials) of the use of this drug in ARVI prevention programs are presented. Its effectiveness and safety in both adults and children are underlined.

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About the authors

Irina N. Kholodova

Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education

Moscow, Russia


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