Differential diagnosis between postinfectious bronchiolitis obliterans and hypersensitive pneumonitis

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The article draws the attention of pediatricians to two rare forms of bronchopulmonary pathology in children: post-infectious obliterating bronchiolitis and hypersensitive pneumonitis, for which crepitant or moist small bubbling rales are typical persistent or appearing in the same areas of the lungs. The characteristics of each of these forms of pathology, including etiology, features of morphological changes in lung tissue, clinical and functional manifestations of the disease, treatment characteristics, course and prognosis, as well as accepted diagnostic criteria, are given. On a specific clinical example, the complexity of the diagnosis of the lobar variant of post-infectious obliterating bronchiolitis, due to the inconstancy of respiratory complaints, and differential diagnosis with hypersensitive pneumonitis, especially in young children, is shown. Dynamic monitoring of the patient with the implementation of a set of necessary research methods and monitoring the dynamics of the process allows avoiding errors in diagnosis and treatment with systemic steroids in the absence of signs of disease progression.

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About the authors

Tatiana V. Spichak

National Medical Research Center for Children's Health

Email: tv.spichak@mail.ru
Moscow, Russia

Olga V. Kustova

National Medical Research Center for Children's Health

Moscow, Russia


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