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The article presents the results of a study of the state of the bodily regulatory systems in teenage girls (e.g. schoolgirls) studying in different profile classes using the diagnostic system of the Varicard complex, which evaluates the adaptive capabilities of the body based on the analysis of heart rate variability using the electrocardiogram method. The advantages of this method include speed, information content, the possibility of its use in an outpatient network, as well as economic feasibility. Aim. To study the adaptive capabilities and evaluate the functional state of the body in girls of grades 9-11 who study in different specialized programs using the “Varicard” diagnostic complex,. Materials and methods. The study included 208 students of grades 9-11 studying in various specialized programs. The average age of the subjects was 15.61±0.93 years. Results. Disorders in the system of autonomic homeostasis were found in students of all profiles, and the equilibrium state of autonomic homeostasis is more characteristic of adolescent girls - students of grade 10 compared to grades 9 and 11. The state of adaptation of high school students was characterized by unfavorable indicators at the beginning of specialized education (9th grade), which testified to the formation of adaptation processes, as well as in the 11th grade, when the tension in connection with preparation for exams increased. The level of adaptation in students of 10th grade was significantly less often characterized by a decrease in the stress index compared with nine and eleven graders. No profile differences in indicators have been identified; therefore, it is not the orientation of the training that matters, but the fact of the transition to the study of a particular specialty. The use of the diagnostic system of the Varicard complex made it possible to quickly and informatively identify violations in the adaptation system and early deviations in the state of health, identify risk groups for students requiring a more detailed examination, differentiated medical and social support and correction.

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About the authors

Oksana V. Danilova

Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

Elena G. Ryzhova

Stoletovs Vladimir State University

Irina N. Kholodova

Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education



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